What are the top sales and marketing templates in Microsoft Excel?

Multiple Excel templates and spreadsheets include numbers and formulas that are not easy to do. Turning on from primary can be irritating and time taking. The advantage of learning excel and its information is a must for doing official tasks but knowing every function is not an easy job. Although making templates for frequently used data sheets and record-type spreadsheets can reduce your effort for the next time and make your work easier in an organized and impressive way that will impress your boss too!

Working in pre-prepared templates will make your work in no time. Do you know what’s even better? Try downloading some pre-prepared templates for your Microsoft excel. Microsoft Excel has many functions, necessary for official and personal data stored in an arranged form, and has tools for data analysis. It performs calculations and allows user code for computerized calculations. 

It takes time to master Microsoft excel. Besides massive calculations, the sheet allows you to create scheduled posts, editorial calendars, campaign trackers, social media posts with scheduling, data collection in tabulated form, and more. Rather than wasting time on every assignment, you can begin to make a tabulated form in excel by using the given templates for your company’s marketing data collection.

Assorted dominating Marketing templates in Microsoft Excel 

Let us look at the top marketing templates in Microsoft Excel below.

  • Marketing budget template

You can use this template for product marketing, website redesign, content marketing, and events. These templates serve as a guide for marketers to go through a glance and track their expenses to avoid overspending. To ensure your preparedness for expenditures, you must understand the fund thoughtfully and correctly.

  • Marketing dashboard for excel

This tool allows you to enter data to auto-populate visual and easy-to-read charts. As a result, you can envision the spending persuasion and activity across multiple initiatives simultaneously.

  • Monthly Marketing Reporting Template

At the end of each month, when you are tired but have to update the data, you can do it quickly and easily to reflect your monthly visits, leads, customers, and conversion rates through this template. This template includes everything you need to track and report which channels are performing the best.

  • Leads and Traffic goal calculator

If you finally know the journey to reach your goal, you cannot predict what traffic you may face along this journey, the template may help you in a better way. This template will do systematics and give you a clear picture of what you need to accomplish to overcome the traffic and lead goals. It will also ensure the health of your marketing strategy.

  • Essential KPI(Key Performance Indicator)

Adding your data monthly and tracking the view record is the main objective for marketing. If you have a monthly data collection habit, the template will make it more powerful. Each employee will be assigned a different KPI, and you can record performance every day at the end of the month. The KPI will show the results with color with fewer views highlighted with color 1, and those having slightly more views will be with color 2, and the maximum views with color 3.

Now, let us check out the top Sales templates in Microsoft Excel:

  • eCommerce Planning Kit

This template will save more time, including the skills to go through market research, target market, channels, and vendors, and more based on marketing skills. Once your e-commerce begins running, you can use the conversion template to track performance across vendors and platforms where products are listed to give you a favorable view of your efforts. Without adding a heading, this template will be easy to type and visualize at a glance.

  • Prospect List Template

In any business, the most important people are the customer or client, who is the primary fund provider and benefiter from that business. Customers constantly need to be nurtured for a healthy follow-up. A prospect is someone who might be interested in your products or services. It can be a person, business, or organization that can benefit from your company’s business. Prospects focus on the potential customers that you should nurture. The information needed to build a prospect list is the person’s name, title and company, location, and contact information. Additional information can include their industry, employee number, company description, and weak points.

  • Sales metrics Calculator template

There are many numbers and figures to calculate, track, record, and document in a specific sheet about business information. This interactive Excel spreadsheet will help you do the task in an arranged and quick way. This template will help you keep track of sales and salespeople as well. 

End Verdict

Thus, The above-given template ideas for Microsoft Excel will help a company retain their data records, information, predictions for further plans, and the obstacles to achieving their goal. These particular marketing and sales templates are very much needed and used among the company employees.