How do you support local women economically while traveling?

Travel and tourism play the best role in economic development while traveling. Through a place, you can learn about the local culture while enjoying their tradition-rich daily chores and also understand their perspective. During a journey, people often pay lots of money to vendors, shops, malls, and local street foods. We as a traveler enjoy their culture, and they, as a host, try to sell their products and earn money. 

Nowadays, women are making handmade products, either woven clothes, stitched dresses, or many crafts items they make on their own and sell to earn money. Since more and more local women are pacing to the market and business synopses, the travelers should promote and help them in every possible way. Various means to assist the local women economically as a traveler are as follows. 

Shop from women’s vendors

Try to search for women vendors and local shops run by women. These women make the products and sell them at the best prices. So, pay them the best price, and repay what they deserve.

Travel with women tour guides

If you are on a solo trip, then you must go for a women’s guide. It is best for safety purposes, and they express more than men. They elaborate on everything with their views and understand where you will love to shop the quality product. It does not mean men guides are not good, but when it comes to women, they have a different accent to add some more expressive words to explain.

Eat at women-run restaurants.

As a woman, you will understand the choice of children, men, and women more and bring attractive meals for your customers. However, visiting a women-run restaurant will give you a home-like feeling, and paying them money will make you more satisfied as a part of women’s empowerment.

Donate to local women’s organization

Donating to a women’s organization is a part of women’s empowerment. Being a part of a business run by women will give them the courage to proceed further in their business and open up their opportunity to earn with their male partner, so that they can have their bread and butter daily. Local women are not so open and active that they run their businesses. So supporting their small effort will make a brilliant change for them too.

Search for cooperatives for local women

While visiting a rural area, poor women run their houses by selling their products daily. Some organizations help them sell their handmade products at reasonable prices and donate the money earned to the local women.

Buy items from local women artists.

It will help you in two ways. First, you will be paying a local dweller for their product which is their daily earning source, and second, you will get the authentic artistic item you will barely get in your town. Also, for the same product you see in malls, you have to pay a lot, and little percentage will get returned to the genuine worker. So buying items from the source will benefit both the traveler and the local dwellers at the same time.

Visit women’s traditional performances.

The local women will get paid for their performance, enhancing their confidence in seeking new foreigners and indulging in fearless interaction. You will get entertained by their live performance, which you can only see on television or youtube. Enjoying a live performance is so pleasing and satisfying that you will feel Goosebumps by the end!

Talk with local women.

Interacting with local people is not as easy as it seems to be. Trying to interact with them, giving them a friendly gesture, and sharing your views makes them happy and more expressive. After that, they will introduce their culture more frankly. Some women do not understand proper menstrual hygiene and experience poor sanitation that affects their pregnancy and daily life. By interacting with local women, you can explain to them in a friendlier manner the benefits of sanitary pads and if possible, help them with whatever you can do as per your capacity.

Traveling around the world is fascinating for everyone. While traveling, we explore the local culture, food, handmade artistic items, cultural dance and performances, tales and history, and so many things of that place. If, as a traveler, we are gaining so much knowledge, why should not we also give something in return? We can encourage them, appreciate their work, buy their handmade crafts and dresses, give them more knowledge of hygiene and pay them money for the things we buy. This much of little help will make a big difference for them.

Key Takeaway

Helping the local women economically will increase their confidence, bring women empowerment and grow their business. In this way, their tribal life can develop and enjoy a healthy and prosperous life. Thus without much effort, we can help them economically, physically, and mentally. All they need is our support and indiscrimination on their poor ground.