What is Twitter Circle, and how is it different from the Twitter community?

Twitter is the most liked yet controversial platform in digital media. It is easy to express your thoughts and opinions to everyone around the world to see. But, currently, Twitter launched a new feature called “Twitter Circle”. It allows you to restrict people from seeing your tweet. In simple words, you can now share tweets with a small group of people whom you want to see your tweet. Similar to the close friends feature introduced by Instagram. 

The Twitter circle is a new feature of Twitter, which allows the user to send tweets to a smaller group of people selected by them rather than all the followers of the user on Twitter. The new feature, Twitter circle, is quite simple to understand. A person can create a Twitter circle of a maximum of 150 people. Now, if the person tweets within the circle, then only those people can read and engage with those tweets. Those people cannot retweet anything you post in your Twitter circle, but they can take a screenshot or download your tweets. 

All other visibility rules are still the same. A Twitter circle is like a private group of people on the platform. All the protocols of Twitter are still in effect. The community guidelines of Twitter will still apply in a Twitter circle. A person gets only one Twitter circle, and adding or removing a person from your Twitter circle does not notify them. You can add an account and circle if you are not following them. 

It is easy to use a Twitter circle. If you are using it for the first time, then Twitter will guide you through that procedure. First, open the Compose Tweet screen and tap on “Everyone” to choose the audience. Now select “Twitter circle” from the menu. A dialogue box will appear with all necessary information about the Twitter circle. Tap on the “Got it” button at the end to proceed. 

Now select the people you want to add to your Twitter circle. Tap the “Done” button on the top right corner if it completes. Compose your tweet, and you will see “Twitter circle” as your audience instead of “Everyone”. Tweet normally, and only people in Twitter circles will see it. To add and remove people from your Twitter circle, follow the above steps and use the ” Edit” button in the Audience menu. It is as simple as a normal tweet. 

Is the Twitter circle different from the Twitter community? 

Yes, the Twitter circle is quite different from the Twitter community. Both Twitter circle and community are similar but still different. Both are various features of Twitter. The Twitter circle limits persons who can see your tweets, whereas Twitter communities are private groups. The visibility rules are different for both features. Twitter circles decide the ability to see tweets. 

If you want to leave a twitter circle, Twitter has three different options for you. These options are unfollowed, blocked, and mute. If you unfollow someone, you will get automatically removed from their Twitter circle. But if the person still has the option to add you again to their Twitter circle even if you are not following them. If you want to block someone, you will get removed from that Twitter circle, and that person is also removed from your Twitter circle if they are a part of it. You cannot view any tweet they will post on their page or feed. One thing you can do if you do not want to unfollow or block someone, then chooses the option to mute that user without blocking or unfollowing them. Twitter has the alternative to mute any account or conversation.

Is Twitter Circle better? 

Twitter was testing the new feature Twitter circle from early May 2022. During the initial stage, it was a restricted experiment, but now it has expanded to many users. It is an option people want from Twitter for a long time. There was no option of doing anything privately on Twitter other than making your account private. Twitter circle allows that little privatization of tweets by just allowing them to reach a certain number of people selected by the user. It limits the reach of your tweet so that you can target different audiences for personal and professional purposes. 

Final Thoughts

The feature of the Twitter circle is unavailable worldwide to every user of Twitter. Many users see this feature pop up while composing a tweet, but many are not having access to it yet. The spokesperson of Twitter said that the feature is still in the testing phase and is not available for everyone as they are continuing to gather feedback. The Twitter circle is a new feature liked by many people. People are still waiting to get their Twitter circle. It looks like the feature will be available for everyone shortly.