What are the different things to do in St. Maarten?

As you go through various things to do in St. Maarten, you will notice many outdoor activities amidst nature and far away from the crowd. It is not hard to wonder why so many cruise ships choose to drift into the harbors of Marigot on their way via the region’s currents. St. Maarten has sweeping views and beautiful beaches for travelers from various lookout points. You can experience other opportunities such as viewing colored butterflies, seeing the jet ski, and many other things. Thus, below we have listed some of the best things to do in St. Maarten to make you excited.

Enjoy a view from Fort Louis.

While there is nothing much left of history and towers of French colonists who once ruled the ports and straits, it will be worth trekking up towards the winding paths that start at the end of Rue Du Fort Saint Louis to view this exotic crumbling historic site. The panoramic view draws massive tourists from all over the globe.

Explore St. Maarten’s two sides

The northern island is known as St. Martin, while its other side faces the south side is called St. Maarten, which includes various enormous things to do. Every half of the island has a distinct atmosphere. You can dine at delicious cafes or sit outside at a beachfront cafe. Enjoy a rapid pace with a much more urban vibe on St. Maarten.

Discover your fragrance

On this island, you can discover the fine art of making perfume at various local factories. Ensure to know about the science of how to extract the perfumes from different raw materials, and then make your own unique and scented perfume. You can also bring home your perfume creation and enjoy it.

Experience glowing sand

There is no shortage of good beaches on the island, and you can choose one. But, it will be confusing to decide which beach will be best for you to visit. If you desire to sink your toes into beach sand, visit Maho Beach and enjoy the soaring of airplanes above. You will feel close enough to even touch off their wings. Overall, experience the glistening sand of the beach lined with several restaurants and bars.

Savor delicious cuisine

The most enjoyable thing to do in St. Maarten is to taste its delicious cuisine as its science is becoming famous rapidly among tourists. You cannot leave St. Maarten without tasting its spicy dumplings, conch, or other dishes. You can get everything you want, like a fusion of French, Dutch, and Caribbean classic cuisines. It is also the perfect combination of roadside food, especially fried fish, roti, and more.

Wander through old street Philipsburg

Philipsburg is the home to the most viewed historic and charming district that includes a comfortable trolley train to take you for a stroll. Ensure to admire the brightly painted and unique architecture of Dutch time set against the Caribbean backdrop of tropical rainforest with the high towering landscape. Make sure to shop at duty-free shops for most fine jewelry, handmade goods, watches, island souvenirs, and much more.

Explore the rainforest

Eco-friendly tourism in St. Maarten provides a glimpse of the most stunning tropical paradise on the island and conservation efforts to protect the local rainforest. It is a natural home to various local plant species and boasts an exhilarating scene that makes your adrenaline rush. Ensure to hike the rough trail of the rainforest and take a nap under the sky.

Visit St. Bart’s charming beaches.

St. Bart is hard to reach and remote. Various celebrities often visit the island all thanks to the high-speed ferry leaving St. Maarten. It is home to a massive range of high-star chefs and French fusion menus, making it a heaven for food. Make sure to dine in five-star restaurants and opt for boutique shopping. Visit a few of its sandy beaches or any of its bars.

Wander around the island in a jeep

You can experience St. Maarten via jeep road adventure and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place as you drive through it. Enjoy the coastline with breathtaking views of various island points.

Discover open water

Sailing is the prime spot of this place and includes community and cultural traditions of which residents are very proud. Various experienced and enthusiast sailors can board an award-winning yacht and sail your past competition. Enjoy the thrill of sailing in various professional yachts.

Experience the vibrant sea life

Snorkeling and diving are the two most important things to do in St. Maarten. The shallow diving sites are the best for beginners. Experience various artifacts, like soft corals, sea turtles, nurse sharks, and much more. Experience the sea life through a semi-submarine and descend into the big blue sea. Admire colorful marine and bright corals via the submarine’s glass. 


So, St. Maarten includes various marvelous spots to visit, and you can see and enjoy different things to make your trip more memorable. Experience the rich culture and history of St. Maarten with famous restaurants and bars.