Most Effective Relocation Tips

Our free checklist of how to make effective relocation will give you a good overview of the tasks involved during the move. Good planning should start around four weeks before “Day X”. The first important tip is therefore is to order boxes one month before the day of the move, if possible. Pack the boxes whenever you have the time and feel like it. This avoids stress as the day approaches

Separate yourself from furnishings that you no longer need. You could immediately label a box with “Glassware” or “scraps”. In this way, you reduce the volume and do not run the risk of transporting unimportant items.

Labeling Tips

Collect newspapers so you can safely pack your belongings. Label the boxes on all sides. Label everything with colors according to weight classes. The respective room in the new apartment should also be clearly visible. As a result, none of your moving helpers will overdo it.


You should also take action as early as possible when you reserve a rental truck or van (with a car rental company). This is especially true if your move has to take place at peak times (weekend, end of the month, the beginning of the month). An early reservation is even more important in the case of one-way rentals.

1. It is best to reserve top sellers five weeks before the day of the move.

2. Have the vehicle explained to you in detail at the rental station.

3. Consider the more voluminous dimensions at driveways, gas stations, and driveways compared to your private car.

4. Allow enough time. A rental truck is around a third slower than you would need for the same distance with your car.


You can follow all the above-mentioned tips if you are relocating all by yourself. Or you can have professional help from California Movers for safe and sound relocation without having any trouble. All your tasks will be handled by the experts of California Loyal Movers and the charges are going to be the minimum.