How is switching between Android and iPhone easier than you think?

iPhones are made of the best quality materials and always remain up to date since there is only one manufacturer of iPhones, Apple. Android are products of many companies like Samsung, MI Redmi, POCO, Vivo, Oppo, and others. The Apple company believes more in function than its modeling, iPhones have decent looks and a very classy style, whereas other companies’ phones come with lots of extras in structure and accessories. Having an iPhone is like your own personal charger and connector, unlike Android where you only want the same cable design.

iPhones also handle tight security and are far better than Android for security purposes. But when it comes to apps, iPhone runs only Apple apps that the phone holder should buy from the apple store and log in with a valid id. Androids have abundant free-of-cost apps and features but are less secure than Apple. Being a new iPhone user will take time to learn its different working features. If you are a game lover, it is good to have an iPhone since apple security is good. Most games are the first launch on the Apple store and then on the Android or Google play store.

Unlike Apple, Google does not notify users of frequent updates for its apps. In an apple phone, you have to update your apps more frequently, otherwise, it will start hanging if ignored! Where there is some limited access to apps and functions on iPhone, those apps are less diversified and run on your apple device only. You cannot transfer or download it on Android. Despite these many things, Apple Company handles your phone storage more securely since only a few devices are on the list. Therefore, businessmen and high-profile people use iPhones. But an iPhone is far better if you want to secure your data.

You can only access the Apple music app through the android app store and Google apps like Google chrome, photos, docs, drive, and more. Google services work both on Android and iPhones and are now becoming neutral in support of Android and Apple. It is not accessible to all devices all over the globe with good security terms. There is a massive difference in their prices. You can buy an android for almost a quarter the cost of an iPhone. If you have both phones or are going to have a new phone from either brand and want to transfer your data, then you can go through the given ways.

Use google drive 

You can access Google services on both Android and iPhone. When you have to switch your phone, you can easily use google drive to backup your android or iPhone data and log in to other devices and get it there. Also, Google Drive gives only 15GB of free storage. Thus, if your data storage is so giant, you can buy extra storage and save all your photos, videos, documents, or anything you want. Your contacts get saved in google contact, and you can share them between both phones.

Use iCloud

Like Google Drive, Apple has a different version named iCloud, where you can upload your photos, videos, documents, and contacts. To get them on Android, you should visit its website and enter your iCloud apple id. You can then download your data to your android device.

Sync apple calendar to Google calendar

Save your calendar events to an apple calendar as a default function on your iPhone will not harm your data loss. While switching to a non-apple phone, you can sync your apple calendar to Google calendar. Log in to your android phone and sync your Google calendar again to get your calendar events there.

Upload to YouTube music

You can use the Apple Music app to save downloaded music on its local storage since the apple music app has some restrictions due to which you cannot visit malfunctioning sites. You do not have to be sad here, as you can download your songs from another browser and upload them to the apple music app, which is viable on Android and iPhone.

Using a USB cable connection

For easy and secure data transfer, you can go through the USB connection process. Connect your phone to a PC and transfer all its data through a portable USB connector provided with each phone. Then, transfer it to another device or whichever phone you want to save them. It is a far easier, secure, and faster process since uploading your media takes a lot of internet data and time. Sharing your media through USB will save your data and time efficiently.

Wrapping it up

No more worries about switching your iPhone to android. Go through the above points, and surely you will get your choice of data transfer medium idea. The most frequently used data medium is the USB connector which saves time and your daily internet data. If you have unlimited data each day, you can go through whatever medium you want to exchange your docs and media for your new phone.