SEO Audit Know-How

What is an SEO audit?

SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of a website in terms of compliance with Google requirements and the relevance of keywords for which the website is displayed in the search results.

During the website audit, SEO experts will identify all the strengths and weaknesses of your website and detect any irregularities that affect the assessment by Google. We will also indicate what changes should be made to make your website rank at the top of Google.

Website analysis is the first step that should be taken on the way to improve your position in Google for important keywords.

Who is the SEO audit for?

If you want to increase traffic on your website, more sales in your online store, and maximum SEO efficiency, you should ensure that your website is properly assessed by marketer. Due to the constant development of technology, changes in the Google algorithm, and the activities of your competitors, an SEO audit should be carried out at least once a month to make sure that the website’s potential is fully used.

Do you have a website that is several years old and loses its position for important keywords on Google? Maybe you are the owner of a new website that doesn’t get these positions? The problem may lie in the incorrect website architecture, lack of optimization of the HTML code, unnatural links leading to the online store, or low-quality content.

SEO Company in India will help you solve these problems by detecting irregularities during an SEO audit.

What is analyzed during SEO Audit?

During the audit, we will thoroughly analyze over one hundred factors influencing positions in the Google search engine. These are among others:

  • Current and obtainable website traffic from Google search engine
  • Selection of keywords and saturation of the website with them
  • Descriptions of products and services
  • Site availability for search engine robots
  • The degree of indexation of the website in the Google search engine
  • The structure of the website, internal and external links
  • Correct use of headings
  • Meta tags: title, description, nofollow, noindex
  • Rel = “canonical” directives

Why Select Atechnocrat, India’s Best SEO Compay?

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  • They treat each client individually and communicate with them on an ongoing basis
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  • SEO team know what search engines like and what users are looking for
  • SEO Auditors can diagnose problems – they detect them and suggest changes
  • The team is well versed in the latest standards
  • The company will provide you with the results of our work in the form of a transparent report
  • You will receive a comprehensive analysis including suggestions for changes needed.