Beginner’s Guide to Make YouTube Videos

youtube videos

Coming up with a great YouTube video is not all about content. It takes a lot of aspects related to video production and marketing to reach out to target viewers and meet your goals. We are here with some of the best ways to research your videos and equipment you need to make YouTube videos that look professional. 

Tips to Plan YouTube videos 

Competitive Research 

A little bit of competitor research is vital to get started with YouTube videos. Figure out how competitors are doing video marketing as inspiration. Check out their YouTube channels and figure out which videos get the most comments and videos to engage with the target audience. 

Keyword Research 

It is relatively the same tactic as you do with SEO. Look for the best search terms in video content. Even well-researched search terms on your meta description and video title can significantly improve its performance. 

Create a script 

Having no idea of how the video should be presented is the last thing you should do. Take your time to write a story and script. Your script may have a dialogue to speak on camera for actors. Keep your sentences short and script simple. 

What Equipment Do You Need?

You don’t have to buy an expensive video camera to start

You can even become a YouTuber with a smartphone. These days, even mid-range smartphones have high-end cameras with full HD video recording. All you need to buy an affordable tripod to keep your phone steady. To shoot webinars, tutorials, interviews, or testimonials, you can even use an external web camera or simply use an inbuilt webcam on your laptop. 

Keep track on your audio 

Audio quality can easily make or break your presentation. If you are using your smartphone camera or webcam, run a sound test. It is very vital to have clear audio to make your video feel polished and professional. Test audio on the camera you are going to shoot with and then in the location where you will shoot it. It gives an idea of how close you or your performers should be on the camera. You may better use a microphone to keep your audio clear. 


It is another crucial factor that can make your video look amateur or professional. Use quality lighting equipment if you can extend your budget. Do a lighting test before shooting to avoid any unwanted surprises. Suppose you are going out to shoot; prefer the golden hour, which leads to sunset. You can get the softness you need naturally to capture fantastic footage. To shoot indoors, make sure there is no distraction from the natural light of the windows. 

Editing Software 

You can use a lot of affordable or free video editing programs for Windows and Mac, such as Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, Movavi, and Filmora. Compare features and check reviews to make informed decisions. It would be best if you decided what you want to show to the viewers on screen before editing the video.