Lists of the top marketing tips on social media platforms for the introverts

Social media marketing is a difficult task and much more challenging for introverts. Almost 50% of people consider themselves to be introverts. But, many introverts enjoy various social activities but sometimes find these exhausting. An extrovert can gain energy from getting into a big crowd, but introverts require time to recharge and recover. For most […]

How to produce an email newsletter for a marketing campaign that people will love?

An email newsletter is a letter sent through email containing some information like blogs, announcements, news, and others about a particular website sent through that marketing staff to its customers for the marketing campaign. It is a medium to gain traffic of customers on a website, sending email in an organized way. Showing the exciting […]

What is Twitter Circle, and how is it different from the Twitter community?

Twitter is the most liked yet controversial platform in digital media. It is easy to express your thoughts and opinions to everyone around the world to see. But, currently, Twitter launched a new feature called “Twitter Circle”. It allows you to restrict people from seeing your tweet. In simple words, you can now share tweets […]